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In 2022, from the Olympic Peninsula, Deadwood Revival, the powerhouse duo of Kim Trenerry and Jason Mogi, has come full circle, returning to their roots with the unmistakable sound that made a huge splash in the old-time, bluegrass, folk, and even jam band scene years ago.

Their powerful and impeccable harmonies coupled with Jason’s unique claw-hammer banjo style and Kim’s driving rhythm guitar creates a sound that is much fuller than you would expect from a duo. Both multi-instrumentalists, they switch things up from time to time with Kim on bass and Jason on guitar. No matter the instrumentation, their music is described as “rootsy with an edge”… a tasty soup of new old-time and folk rock spiced with a bit of classic country. From foot-stomping hoe-downs to pin-dropping tunes, their original songs have been deemed “superbly crafted.”  "You can tell from the first note that they are crowd-pleasers. They're fun, adventurous and yet true to their roots."

Kim and Jason’s infectious spirits and pure joy in making music together is woven through every tune they play. Whether performing in a cozy pub or for a thousand festival fans, the "honest and uplifting" music of Deadwood Revival lingers long after the lights come up. 



These two videos were recorded on September 28, 2023 at Field Hall in Port Angeles





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“They have a magnificent vocal blend anchored by Kim’s powerful voice complemented by the softer yet perfect pitch of Jason Mogi. 

    Steve Derebey, Washington Bluegrass Assn.

"It's a rare ability to pull off a hoedown and a seduction at the same time, and it bodes well for the future of the Revival.”

        Ali Marcus, Performer Magazine

"They bring spry sharp harmonies and an effortlessly cheerful energy to every song! It was impossible to squelch a smile throughout the set. “

       Kjersti Egerdahl, West Coast Perfomer Magazine

"I wrote a review of This Old World and said in no uncertain terms that if I was booking a folk festival or needed an acoustic act for a rock festival, they would be at the top of my list. They still are."

   Frank Gutch, Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange

"You can tell from the first note of this album that they are crowd-pleasers. They're fun, adventurous and yet true to their roots."

     Frank Gutch, Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange

"The original songs sound traditional, the covers are fresh reinterpretations, and it's all spiced with acoustic Grateful Dead flavor (except Jason and Kim are great singers). “
  Jack Bohl, Portland Folk Music Society

“They’re infusing healthy vigor, gusto, and enthusiasm into their new presentation of “old world” inspired music. “
     Joe Ross, Bluegrass Now


These selected performances demonstrate the breadth and width of Deadwood Revival's resume over several years.


Hog Farm Hideaway, CA
Dead on the Creek,  CA
American Music Festival, OR
Wintergrass, WA
Adventure Bluegrass,  WA
High Sierra Music Festival, CA
NW String Summit, OR
Winter Folk Festival, OR
Oak Harbor Music Festival, WA
Long Beach Bluegrass Festival, WA
Amboy Bluegrass Festival , WA
Bluegrass in the Forest, WA
NW Folklife Festival, WA
San Francisco Bluegrass Old-Time Festival
Juan de Fuca Festival, WA
Leavenworth Acoustic Music Festival, WA
Washington Brewers Festival, WA
Fremont Fair, WA
Coupeville Arts and Crafts Festival, WA


Seattle Folklore Society Concert
Dusty Strings Concert- Seattle
San Juan Theatre Concert
Auburn Avenue Theatre Concert- WA

Hilton Theatre, Reno, NV  (WOW!)
Yakima Folklife Assn Concert

Field Hall, Port Angeles, WA
Music in the Park Concerts Olympia, WA
Yakima Seasons Concerts, WA

Bellingham Summer Concert, WA

Drain Civic Center,  OR

Richland Summer Concert, WA
Oregon State Univ. Concerts, Corvallis, OR
Pine Stump Symphony,  WA

Edmonds Summer Concert, WA

Duvall Summer Concert, WA
Concert In The Cove, Coupeville, WA
Fort Flagler Concert, WA


Plus Deadwood Revival has plied  the waters at pubs, and breweries, wineries and wedding throughout the Northwest

Stages of the Past


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